Advanced Security Flood Lights

Uneek LEDs has designed an range of Advanced Security Flood Lights. (Patent Pending)

Available in both Solar and 240V Options.

Traditional Security Flood Lighting have the problem that you must be close to the Flood Light for the motion sensor to detect you and turn the light on.

Often this does not provide an adequate solution as the area you want to light may not be the same area that the sensor needs to be positioned.

Uneek LEDs Advanced Security Flood Lights have remote sensors that communicate with the Flood Lights to provide a complete Security Flood Light solution.

Place the Flood Light in the position that needs to be lit and and place the Motion Sensor where it is required to detect motion. 
This can be up to 60m away from the flood light.

Our Advanced Security Light System has the following features:

  • Each PIR Remote Motion Sensor can control up to 16 lights
  • Each Light can be controlled by different sensors independently
  • Available in Solar and 240V Options
  • PIR Motion Sensors can detect movement 20m away
  • Adjustable Sensitivity, LUX and Time Delay for how long lights stay on for
  • Provides complete Security Flood Light solution
  • Available in 10W, 20W, 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W Flood Light Sizes
  • All Lights in the system communicate with each other to form a Wireless Mesh Network.  Doing this expands the signal range
  • This system can also control Uneek LEDs Lighting products that run off the 2.4G Wireless remotes.  This includes our new range of Garage Batten Lights and future products

Some Application Ideas

  • Place the Remote Sensor at your gate to turn on your Garage Light and Entrance Light when someone enters
  • Place a Master Security Flood Light at your Driveway entrance, a Master Security Flood Light Close to your House Entrance, a Receiver Security Flood Light at on your Shed

There are 3 different Options Available

    • Master Security Flood Light
      The Master Security Light is fitted with a PIR Motion Sensor and can also send and receive signals.
      When Motion is detected it will turn its Flood Light on and then send the signal to other Flood Lights wirelessly connected to it to also turn on.  
      Once the Timer expires it will turn its Flood Light off and send the signal to the other flood lights programmed to it to turn off
    • Receiver Security Flood Light
      The Receiver Security Flood Light simply receives the signal to turn on or off from the Master Security Flood Light or the PIR Remote Module.
      Receiver Flood Lights will re-transmit the signal they receive to other programmed light to create a mesh network
    • PIR Remote Module
      The PIR Remote Module will send a signal to all connected Flood Lights to turn on when motion is detected.  After the timer expires it will then send a signal to all connected flood lights to turn off

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